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The Podcast Eating Contest

Mar 24, 2011

DISCLAIMER: We went to the bar before this one with roomate/frequent guest Luke. We got kinda tipsy (especially Keith). Some things are said that may offend people deeply. Topics include: murder, torture, suicide, people we would kill, how we would kill people if we could, the band Phish, and other dark topics....

Mar 15, 2011

Duncan-less again, Keith and Reilly move to the edge of their seats for the nail-biting thrills of Ransom, starring little known Australian character actor Mel Gibson. The boys are joined by Nate, Luke, and first-ever female guest Kat and announce the exciting auction for the lone copy of the lost commentary of the...

Mar 10, 2011

In this very special and hard-to-edit episode, the gang gets a little dark when they try out their new game "Alternate Endings". Also, Duncan and Reilly's high-school buddy Drei stops by and throws his customary gear into the works. Please, enjoy.

Mar 3, 2011

Keith and Reilly sit down Duncanless with US ambassador to Norway Nate Staub for the first half of their double feature commentary, providing insight on the timeless, tear-jerking film classic Timecop starring Jean Claude Vanned Am. The boys get things syncin' off right thanks to the good people at Netflix Watch...