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The Podcast Eating Contest

Jun 5, 2013

Hoo boy, guys! This is an episode FOR THE AGES! Fresh back in Boston from a brief sojourn in Vermont, our good friend and Todd Biggins Band guitarist and ex-roomate Nate a.k.a N8 Bomb a.k.a. MC Hevvy Lixxx (best known as Johnny Freeze and frequent former guest) comes over to lay down some comedy basics and do some improv shredding. We start out with some "bits" about cunnilingus/Michael Douglas/Game of Thrones (TOPICAL!!!). Then we move on to some Scenes From Whatever, and do some sentence-by-sentence erotic fan-fiction. Then we discuss the cute girl Duncan sees on the bus and some possible methods for getting her attention, including writing an INCREDIBLE song about her. Which we write. And it's incredible. Then some more Scenes From Whatever (wait, was the whole episode a Scene From Whatever? No one will ever know). Anyway, we were very excited to have Nate back on the podcast after so long and we love him and we love you guys and we hope you love the episode! Yay!!!!