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The Podcast Eating Contest

Jan 14, 2011

With the city of Boston under a record 29 feet of snow, Reilly and Dunc found themselves unable to retrieve an incapacitated Keith from his home outside the city. Rather than mope about it, they curled up on the couch to watch their absolute favorite Cube/Epps masterpiece, "All About the Benjamins". Now, bear with us as we are unsure how well this will work. It is an experiment. Please leave feedback, i.e. other movie ideas, better ways to get you guys synched up audio-wise, etc. The movie is on Netflix Watch Instantly, so queue it up and get ready for some deep, deep insight under some deep, deep snow!

over seven years ago

Loved it. Suggestions for others: Con Air (which would also make for a good round of Reboot), Batman & Robin, Moonraker, From Dusk Till Dawn (Dunc's QT impression is hi-larious), Showgirls and Footloose.

over seven years ago

Do more!

over seven years ago

Hilarious show! Possible ideas for future episodes: Cool as Ice, Emmanuelle 7, Over the Top, and The Garbage Pail Kids Movie,

Reginald Pussywhistle
over seven years ago

How about some commentary on Rocky IV? Someone needs to put Drago in his fucking place.

over seven years ago

its the second best thing to having actual friends! thank you, League of Unshaven Gentlemen!