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The Podcast Eating Contest

Aug 24, 2011

With the help of "Top 2011 Bro Draft Pick" Chris, the League gets down and dirty on some realness. Chris entertains us with wonderful tales of his adolescent sexual confusion, his drug experimentation, and puke. We also discuss Communism and laser tag, talk trash about waterbeds, and speculate on what a placenta...

Aug 16, 2011

Here at the League of Unshaven Gentlemen, we hate. We hate on a lot of things. We love too but mostly we hate. So this episode concentrates on our hate. We also talk about poop and semen. And a few totally stupid characters stop by to be really retarded. All we can say is try your best to enjoy this episode.

Aug 2, 2011

If you're not a Bob Seger fan, you can go ahead and screw yourself (hard). In this incredibly hilarious episode, the League expounds on the summer nostalgia of Seger, and also does some quality riffing. Luke stops by to say one funny thing and that's it. Sean Connery and Michael McDonal both stop by to do some...