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We miss you guys! So we made a thing. For Christmas. It has Keith. And Telabia. Much love and Happy Christmas and no Jews allowed! We'll try to do this more. Because we miss you guys and we miss the old days. (uncontrollable sobbing)

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Hey guys we Skyped with Keith and here's what happened! Let us know what you think. This is an experiment!

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It is with a heavy heart that we bid all our fans adieu. Keith is moving to California and the podcast is postponed indefinitely. To help us say farewell, we invited over Ryan and Nate. A myriad of our favorite celebrity guests all stop by also and most of them die. We have a had a great three years doing this podcast and we want to thank everybody who listened. We'll have some extra tidbits in the coming weeks, and never rule out a reunion!!! Thanks so much y'all!!!

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Hey gang! In this episode, we finally welcome our old friend / longtime listener / first time guest Ben to the podcast! And believe me, we have one hell of a time. Our discussion runs the gamut of topics: everything from pubes, binguses, Frat dudes, and of course classic video games (we reboot Mortal Kombat)... Oh, and SO MUCH MORE. This is an extra-long rollicking installment and we really take it to the limit, Eagles-style. We talk about so much stuff that it was hard to think of a title for the episode, so I just called it Turtles in time because towards the end we talk about Turtles in Time. Enjoy! There's something very special coming up next episode. Thanks Ben for bringing the laughs!

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Hey guys! Podcast fan Troy sent us multiple deliveries today and all we can say is "JEEBUS". He also gave us some topics, along with fan Brian Crockett (Davy Crockett's great-great-great nephew). I mean Brian gave us some topics too, not Troy gave us Brian. That doesn't make any sense. Anyway, it's just the three of us and nice and long and in-depth and stuff. So, enjoy it and we'll see you on the other side of the rainbow!

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Hoo boy, guys! This is an episode FOR THE AGES! Fresh back in Boston from a brief sojourn in Vermont, our good friend and Todd Biggins Band guitarist and ex-roomate Nate a.k.a N8 Bomb a.k.a. MC Hevvy Lixxx (best known as Johnny Freeze and frequent former guest) comes over to lay down some comedy basics and do some improv shredding. We start out with some "bits" about cunnilingus/Michael Douglas/Game of Thrones (TOPICAL!!!). Then we move on to some Scenes From Whatever, and do some sentence-by-sentence erotic fan-fiction. Then we discuss the cute girl Duncan sees on the bus and some possible methods for getting her attention, including writing an INCREDIBLE song about her. Which we write. And it's incredible. Then some more Scenes From Whatever (wait, was the whole episode a Scene From Whatever? No one will ever know). Anyway, we were very excited to have Nate back on the podcast after so long and we love him and we love you guys and we hope you love the episode! Yay!!!!

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Back for more, the guys take their American Conspiracy and run like hell with it. They plan out an astounding SIX sequels, including "American Conspiracy: 2ampa", "American Conspiracy: Mars", and "American Conspiracy: B4t vs. V4t". This is totally insane, y'all. Hope everybody had a great Memorial Day weekend and thanks to the troops! Much love!

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This Memorial Day, the guys did something A LITTLE DIFFERENT and A LITTLE SPECIAL. Since it was such a beautiful day, they decided to TAKE the podcast recording OUTSIDE ON THE PORCH. Is your mind blown yet? After a delightful intro discussing Keith's yard sale earnings and Reilly and Dunc's strange gig last weekend, A CAN OF WORMS WAS OPENED. Hold on tight as the guys build the entire plot of a film based on its title alone: "AMERICAN CONSPIRACY". What they come up with will astonish you, and they had so much fun that they made a part 2!!!

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This episode has been a long time coming, y'all!!!! Superfan/#1 Fan/Official Fact-Checker Mark ordered us a large pizza with popcorn chicken from Big Daddy's (holy poop you're the man) and gave us the best list of topics that we've ever discussed. Our buddy Eddie just happened to be here, and he strapped himself in to come along for the ride (he may or may not remember Mark, even though they attended the same high school). Our topics are as diverse as one would expect from the #1 fan of the podcast who's job it is to check facts because he's listened to every episode. Thanks for everything, Mark! We love you! Thanks for a great installment! Enjoy, everybody! This is the realness!

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For your wine! Reilly and Dunc have switched over to wine during the week because of their new gay diet. So, there's that. The League invites over Franz, drummer extraordinaire of The Todd Biggins Band. They discuss the band's recent competition win and toss around some ideas to do onstage at their big gig this weekend. Franz also talks bout some really messed up stuff he's seen on the internet. The guys also reboot two movies and play a brand-new game, "Last Line". Have fun listening! Smooches!

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